Uber drivers are super raged at low ride fares

Uber is known for its efficient service no matter whatever controversies it faces. Uber’s got the money, power and influence of the industry’s biggest names! One of the most talked about issues is surge pricing and Uber has always come up with justifications for it. Nevertheless, the riders are not really sulking about it but the drivers make good profit of it.
Recently, the US based ride hailing company announced it would cut off the ride fares on surge pricing for Super bowl. The announcement has triggered anger within thousands of Uber drivers in San Francisco. They even went a step ahead by protesting against the famous firm on the national highways that led to Super bowl’s match at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. Thousands of drivers took part in the rally to protest against the mighty Uber. Travis Kalanick would now be breaking his head to figure out plans to sort out the things among the drivers. After all, Uber would RIP (Rest in Peace) forever without sufficient number of drivers.
Super bowl is the grandest event to which thousands of people turn up for it. Usually, when the demand is more than supply, Uber introduces surge pricing in its app. But the company announced it would cut off the ride fares in half on users’ request. However, the decision did not favor Uber drivers and it was bad news to the drivers who trust the daily wages for their living!

Lyft drops fare prices to stay in competition with the mighty Uber

Lyft is one of the Uber’s worst rival and it follows the same business concept as Uber. Uber, being the topmost ride hailing network across the globe has always been overrated by the media. It has rivals all over the world and it even poses a dangerous threat to the traditional taxi services. It has attractive marketing strategies that would grab attention from the public and media. Though it provides efficient service, it is a proud owner of controversies as well.
In order to cover up the black mark caused by the controversies, Uber does feel good campaigns and introduces attractive deals for its users. Recently, the US based ride hailing network reduced its overall and minimum ride fares. Uber’s decision created tension among its rivals and Lyft was one of them. Meanwhile, Uber fetched more attention and applauses from the public and media as well.
Lyft was found by Logan Green in 2012 and it was an instant hit among the public when Uber was hit with controversies and charges. But since Uber is good at convincing the public with its marketing strategies, it returned back to the race stronger than ever before. Hence, Lyft has decided to reduce its ride fares to compensate and give a tough competition to the mighty Uber. It did not want to lose its dedicated users to Uber and other taxi services. The plan has worked out in Lyft’s favor and Logan’s prayers are finally answered!

Uber offers puppy cuddling service as a promo for Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl

Uber thinks it can get away with its controversies by introducing play dates with cute little puppies, very lame! The US based ride hailing company has always been famous for its efficient service and infamous controversies as well. But in order to stay in the race and grab attention from the public, the company offers convenient features and often does feel good campaigns.
Uber is known for its charges more than its amazing service in Chicago, but the cheeky company paid more visits to nonprofit organizations than court trial rooms. If you are still clueless regarding the company’s sudden love towards organizations, then you need to sift through Google about its history!
Recently, Uber collaborated with Animal Planet channel that is a hub for all the animal lovers out there. As a preparation for Animal Planet’s Puppy bowl, the controversial ride hailing company offered play dates with cute puppies for $30 and the campaign received a huge support from the dog lovers. The news made an entry into many channels and grabbed huge media attention across Chicago.
The list of controversies did not stop Uber from achieving more and extending its services around the world. It even poses a serious threat to the local taxi services and it is also a huge inspiration to many startups that are slowly emerging. According to the critics, it is a black market that is basically looting money off its users. Puppies might change people’s mind but it would not last forever, sorry Uber!

Uber introduces UberHop for just $1 in Seattle

If you are from Seattle, then you would be rewarded with a ride for just $1. No, you are not dreaming guys, it is true! That’s right guys; Uber has now introduced ride fare prices that are lesser than $2! The feature has already received an immense welcome and support from the public and Uber lovers. It has also got a lot of sighs and “oops moments” from its rivals and the traditional taxi services.
Uber’s car pool service UberHop allows the riders to share the ride with other users who travel along the same route. It follows the concept of a public bus and the critics thrash Uber for manipulating and looting money off its users. People who cannot afford to ride by Uber private cars can now choose UberHop, thanks to Travis! Nevertheless, Uber has done it for publicity or not, we should still thank the multi billionaire company for offering rides for just a dollar!
Uber is the most valuable startup in the world and its worth is $51 billion which is better than Facebook. The US based ride hailing company reached its fame in a short span of time and Facebook has been in the industry since 2004, Travis Kalanick would be victory dancing now! It has offered many features and deals for its users over the years and UberHop is just one of them. The feature has already been implemented in several cities and Seattle loves it!

Uber Launches In Fargo

The company, which clashed with the taxi industry allows customers to use the Uber app on their smartphones, helping them to connect with the drivers.
Its latest launch in Uber will promote it to expand further in various parts of the world. Dozens of drivers sign up for Uber according to a note from the North Dakota chief.
It is very hard to get a ride in Fargo during late nights or busy hours, so Uber planned to take this move.
The ride hailing service Uber is similar to the other traditional taxi service where the drivers will be paid for taking passengers from one point to another, but getting a ride on Uber can be made simple by a single tap through smart phones. This facility is not applicable in traditional taxis, instead it makes passengers to wait in the streets waving hands or make a call for pre booking dectar.com.
Uber drivers work with their own schedule with their personal vehicles and the app allows passengers to have a look at the map view of available drivers and their locations. In Fargo, small numbers were seen about town.
Uber is still looking for their drivers in Fargo and drivers will be hired after a screening process for the safety of passengers.
Uber app enables the passengers to enter their credit card information on the app and will never pay through cash after the ride, so there will be no tipping process.
Reporters and photographers used the app to zip between Moorhead and Fargo. Uber decided to focus more on Fargo market as it is a growing community and people from Fargo residents are showing more interest in the ride hailing services like Uber.

Uber And Lyft Plans To Leave San Antonio

The ride hailing company Uber and its rival Lyft plans to shut down their operations in San Antonio after the city council passed an ordinance to regulate background checks for all the transportation drivers in the city.
More demanding regulations about registration, traffic, inspection and insurance policy have been activated on March 1 and the Mayor Ivy Taylor requested the city council to revisit the those hard rules in late February.
Uber says that the city has too many restrictions to operate in the city. This new ordinance acts as a burden for the drivers of ride hailing companies and they lost interest to operate in the city.
According to the ordinance drivers of transportation network companies need to undergo fingerprint and background check as administered by the city. This check is mandatory for all the drivers operating in San Antonio.
San Antonio passed this ordinance for the safety of their own passengers providing them with well fitted drivers, hired after having severe security checks. Uber says that the background check made by the company is enough for their drivers to operate in the city.
Uber claims that the intense regulations were pushed by the taxi industry to stifle competition. Lyft have an idea to abandon its operation, if the city is to take this ordinance into effect and both the companies are looking for a change in the ordinance before its date of implementation.
The city has not promised to review the ordinance before its implementation, but the council will review the change according to a report.

Uber is looking to expand in the New York City

Uber is the most used transport network service in many countries across the globe and Travis must be making millions of dollars right now! Uber is also known for its controversies, but nevertheless, the company does many feel good campaigns to restore its lost fame. It poses a biggest threat to its rival Lyft and many other traditional “yellow cabs”. Recently, the company has taken an initiative to expand its service in the famous NYC in order to boost up its market revenue. However, the critics say there is no enough space left for Uber to further extend its service.
The transport company worth $51 billion is now all set to extend its service in the NYC. It has begun by introducing 10,000 Uber drivers in the city and the local taxi drivers are already feeling the heat. 10,000 is a freaking huge number and it is definitely going to put a lot of traditional taxi drivers at risk. According to several sources, sharing economy has risen up to fame and it would affect the labor economy in an extensive way. Many freelancers would emerge from different countries and people would eventually turn into their own CEOs.
The NYC is the largest market for Uber and it is now working on plans to expand its service in the city. We would soon bid goodbye to all the traditional yellow cabs in the NYC. Do not yet come to conclusion because Uber is also good at making national news (mostly for bad things!) and there are chances for an epic fail as well, you may never know!

Uber Is Made Legal Everywhere In Philippines

The philippines is the first country to create a framework of nation wide regulations for the ride hailing companies, that allow Uber to operate anywhere in the nation.
According to the regulation the vehicles which Uber use for rides should be GPS enabled sedans, SUV’S, vans and vehicles which should be less than seven years old.
All Uber drivers should get registered with the transportation authority of Philippines. This move comes a year after its operation in the nation’s capital region, Metro Manila and the company’s operation in the city for a few months without any regulations.
The new rules are a victory for Uber who is still facing regulatory resistance in various parts of the world. These technological innovations is to provide convenient ad safety rides to passengers.
Some of the specifics of the regulations are not finalized, but all the cars that operate under this service should have a GPS system and the vehicles should be less than 7 years old.
Operators are required to get certificates for each vehicle on the service and the drivers will be hired by screening process and have to be registered with the local transportation regulatory board.
Uber has also introduced new regulations to improve its security after experiencing violations from its drivers.
Uber is still facing challenges unique to the Philippines as its routing algorithm for Manila is worst due to traffic and Uber operates in the country in a same way like a condo rental service.

A NYC politician wants to ban Uber’s controversial surge pricing

Uber has always been famous for its controversies ever since it was first launched and now, Travis is more famous than Barack Obama, just kidding! But honestly speaking, the US based company has become the world’s most valuable startup by beating Facebook’s record, poor Mark Zuckerberg must be breaking his head to figure out a plan now!
Recently, the NYC government was keen on shutting down Uber’s famous surge pricing feature. But the company was completely against the government’s plan and has even stated that the feature would benefit both the company and the drivers as well. When the demand is more than supply, Uber implements surge pricing by notifying it in its smart app. The notification is big, bright and eye popping and we have to applaud the company for being so transparent with its users. The feature would also help the drivers to get paid with higher fares and it is a great way of roping in many drivers on road.
Surge pricing is not only famous with Uber, but there are hotels and flight services that follow the same concept as well. The prices become alarmingly high during holiday seasons and it is one of the best strategies to increase the market revenue. Earlier in 2015, the Uber drivers from the New York City had to protest for not getting paid with decent fares and surge pricing was a life savior for many unhappy Uber drivers out there.
At the end of the day, the choice is left with the riders whether or not to take Uber rides during surge pricing, do not forget you have other public transports as well, just saying! Uber has done its part by notifying its users of surge pricing and we should definitely applaud it for that!

Italian government says a big fat no to Uber

What comes to your mind if you hear the word Italy? Scrumptious pizzas, pastas and beautiful monuments may come to your mind, but not anymore because you would be reminded of Uber! The Italian government is now against the US based ride hailing company due to safety reasons.
Uber offers a lot of features to its users and the list includes UberPop, UberPool and many other useful ones. UberPop is a private car sharing service that offers rides for cheaper fares but the drivers do not own commercial licenses which in turn would put safety at risk.
Uber has been doing well in Europe and there was always a red carpet welcome from the Italians, but not anymore! The company is slowly falling apart in the Italian market and it is all because of UberPop. It is an alternate name for UberX and the feature offers cheaper fare rides to its users. According to several critics, Uber is just another black market that is looting money off innocent people.
Uber has been heavily criticized for its UberPop service in many countries. It’s Italy’s turn now to take down Uber and its great news for its local rivals. The US based company poses a dangerous threat to the labor economy and the traditional yellow cabs despite its controversies. The sources say many controversies are due to the private car drivers who do not possess commercial licenses. The Italian government is on a serious vow to permanently ban the service!